Ray70 VHF Radio, AIS, Loudhailer Output, Intercom

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Ray70 VHF Radio, AIS, Loudhailer Output, Intercom
The new Ray70 from Raymarine is the ultimate all-in-one communications solution for Captains who demand the very best. The multifunction Ray70 VHF comes as standard with a full-function VHF radio, AIS receiver, Loudhailer output, and is dual-station and intercom capable too!

Key Features
  • Built-in AIS Receiver and 72 channel WAAS GPS
  • 25W Loudhailer output with listen-back and automatic fog signals
  • Dual-station and intercom capable with optional handset Accessory
  • Oversized LCD display for better viewing
  • Detachable fist-mic with built-in controls and mic relocation capability
  • Detachable gunmetal silver bezel and optional black bezel

Premium, all-in-one communications solution

The Ray70 starts with a powerful, 25W VHF radio with a detachable, noise-cancelling fist-mic and premium audio. Standard VHF features include hi/lo power selection, dual-watch, tri-watch, NOAA Weather Alert, channel scanning, and more. Of course, Ray70 supports Class D Digital Selective Calling and integrates seamlessly with Raymarine multifunction displays thanks to its standard NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 Networking.
  • Built-in GPS
    Ray70 also features a built-in 72 channel GPS receiver ensuring you'll always have a position fix for emergency call

  • Built-in AIS
    The Ray70s integral Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver simplifies installation and delivers critical vessel traffic information to compatible navigation displays.

  • Built-in Loudhailer
    For communications on-deck and in noisy environments, the Ray70 also has a built-in 25W loudhailer output with listen-back capability. This makes it simple to interact with crew on deck, on the dock or with nearby vessels. Simply connect the Ray70 to Raymarine's optional weatherproof hailing horn. In inclement weather you can also use the Ray70's loudhailer to generate fog signals for vessels underway or at anchor as required by the nautical rules-of-the-road.

Flexible mounting options

The Ray70 includes a trunnion mounting bracket kit and can also be flush-mounted using its convenient front-mount attachment points. The gunmetal silver bezel matches Raymarine multifunction displays for a premium look. An optional black bezel kit is also available.

Size (HxWxD) Main Unit Height -inc bezel = 98.5mm (3.9 in)
Width - inc bezel = 199mm (7.8 in) max
Depth 204.6mm (8 in) max excl rear cables
Weight Main Unit 2.0 Kg (4.4 lbs)

Environmental Specification

Water Integrity Complies with IPX6 & IPX7
Complies with EN60945
Operating Temperature Range -20C to 60C
Storage Temperature Range -25C to 70C
Humidity up to 95%

Electrical Specification

Communications Port NMEA 0183 (version 4.01); NMEA2000 (version 3.0)
Nominal Supply Voltage 12V DC. Reverse polarity and over voltage protected
Operating Voltage Range 9V DC to 16V DC
Current Consumption Less than 6A at High Power (13.6V)
Standby: 600 mA
Receive: 2 Amps

Transmitter Specification

Channels All available US, International and Canadian VHF marine bands
Frequency Range 156.000 157.425 MHz
155.500 to 161.425 MHz Private channels
Frequency Stability + / - 1.5 ppm
Channel Spacing 12.5 kHz
Power Output High Power = 25 Watt
Low Power = 1 Watt
Spurious emmission Better than -36 dBm at 25W (Less than 0.25 W)
Maximum Deviation +/- 5kHz
Antenna port impedance 50 ohms typical

Receiver Specification

Receiver Type Double Conversion Super Heterodyne
Channels All available US, International and Canadian VHF marine bands
Frequency Range 156.000 157.425 MHz
155.500 to 161.425 MHz Private channels
Sensitivity: Better than 1 microvolt EMF @ 20dB SINAD
Squelch Sensitivity Less than -2 dB EMF
Hum & Noise Better than -40 dB
Audio Distortion Less than 10%
Receiver Sensitivity Distance -119 dBm (0.25uV)@12 dB SINAD ← Typical 
Local -110 dBm (0.7uV)@12 dB SINAD ← Typical
Adjacent Channel Selectivity More than 70 dB
Spurious Response Rejection More than 70 dB
Inter Modulation Rejection More than 70 dB


Base Station Speaker Power Output 2.5W (8Ω)
Fistmic Speaker Power 1W (16Ω)
External Speaker Power 5W (4Ω) / 2.5W (8Ω)
Handset Speaker Power Output 1W (16Ω)
Hailer Speaker Power Output 24W (4Ω) / 12W (8Ω)

GPS Specifications

Number of channels 72
Cold Start <2 minutes
Receiver IC Sensitivity -167 dBm (Tracking) / -148 dBM (Acquisition)
GNSS Compatibility GPS
SBAS Compatibility WAAS
Special Features Active jamming and interference reduction
Operating frequencies GPS L1 C/A
Beidou B1
Signal Acquisition Automatic
Almanac Update Automatic
Geodetic Datum WGS-84 (alternatives availablr through Raymarine MFD)
Refresh Rate 10 Hz (10 times per second concurrent GNSS)
Antenna Internal - Ceramic chip mounted near top of unit
Positional Accuracy Without SBAS: <=15 metres 95% of the time
With SBAS: <5 metres 95% of the time

AIS Specifications

Class Type AIS Receive only